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Our Story

For some, this could be another “Once upon a time…” story, but for us this is our very own never-ending under construction life journey. And if you have landed in this page, it means you are curious enough to find out how we ended up here.

Ladies & gentlemen, gender queer & non-binary folks, we are Eleonora and Marilia and this is who we are.

We are lost kids. We are those who keep nurturing their inner child. We like to play, having fun, being wild and explore the unknown. We love nature, so we commit to respect it by upcycling processes. We love creation, thus we adore to combine old fabrics to give life to new clothes. We love inspiring, then we engage to excite you to freely express yourself with an effortless and individualistic style. We may be lost kids in this society, yet we have found each other in this lifetime.


Have you ever been hit by a quarter to mid life crisis and started wondering stuff such as – what am I doing? What’s the purpose of all this? Am I truly happy? WHO AM I? – and if you did, well darling we truly feel you. And we feel you in such a way that when we started falling into the rabbit hole, riding a rollercoaster of unstable emotions and feeling overwhelmingly lost, we said “f**k that s**t”. So one of us left London, the other Athens, left behind careers, packed some material stuff, picked up all of our broken selves pieces and moved to the seaside village of Nafpaktos. When we were asked “Why Nafpaktos?” the answer was always the same “Because we feel free here, like we are kids again”. So once we understood that OUR (yes that’s in capital as it’s totally personal to each one of us) happiness recipe was to nurture that lil’ kid inside, then something there clicked and resonated pretty amazingly. So we got the idea, this idea became a dream, the dream turned into a project and now this project is our business. A business with a specific purpose set: to make all those who felt or feel lost, to eventually feel seen, by conveying messages of self-expression, playfulness and to cherish the inner child that sometimes we lose along the way.



We started by telling you who we are, so let’s close the circle by telling you who we are designing for. Despite race, age or gender, when the inner child is kept alive and you live an unfiltered life, it’s common to not – fit in- or feel inadequate to societal expectations. Small talks seem shallow and you can’t force vibing with people. Truth is, the more real you are and act, the more ‘lost’ you feel in your surroundings. But there are times when certain souls enter your life – either for shorter or longer periods – and you instantly have the same frequency. You see in each other the ‘normality’ that others would consider ‘weird’. So don’t be afraid to be lost. It’s when you let yourself loose that you find your truest self along with the truest people.

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